Dawn Kirkham

Subtle Energy Alchemist

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Harmonizing Health, Home and Land

You deserve a life of health, happiness and abundance and a home/workplace that supports your life goals and dreams. As a Subtle Energy Alchemist, I explore the aspects of your home or workplace that might be hindering you and balance and harmonize them.

The energy of your space can impact relationships, health, success, wealth, happiness, career, and family. It can create the conditions for thriving or just surviving.

Is your home supporting you?

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About Dawn

Dawn is a subtle energy alchemist who works with the energy of land, space, and person from all over the world. She is a teacher, mentor and coach who supports others to grow and develop their intuitive and energy healing abilities. She brings three decades of experience to her work.

Dawn is a Director at large with the Canadian Society of Dowsers and Trustee of the British Society of Dowsers, as well as a working towards being a registered tutor with the BSD. She lectures internationally and teaches in person and online from the basics of dowsing to advanced practices like house healing, sound healing, crystal therapy and more. She has been dowsing and working with clients energetically for over 20 years.. She is a qualified house healer and also facilitates an International House Healing network with fellow house healer Melanie Lorien.

Dawn is also a paranormal medium and has been working with Spirits for 30-years. She is a qualified teacher, Reiki Master/Teacher, Master Crystal Therapist, Sound Healer and Geomancer

A better world starts with a caring community

What is House Healing

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What the Process Covers

A full healthy home assessment looks at four aspects of detrimental energy. Geopathic Stress, Technopathic Stress, Geopsychic Stress and Personal Health. Over 50 individual items are assessed and a comprehensive diagnosis provided.

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Impact of Detrimental Energy

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Signs of Exposure

Firstly, it is important for me to say that there are many reasons why you might be experiencing some of the issues listed below. I am many things but a physician is not one of them so I do not diagnose nor prescribe medications, nor do I make any medical claims. If you are concerned about your health or experiencing any symptoms - go and check them out with your doctor! This is extremely important and one of the steps towards YOU taking control of your wellness journey.

That said, there are common issues that people with Geopathic Stress present in their location report having:

  • Not feeling refreshed or worse than previously upon waking
  • Restlessness, difficulty in getting to sleep, excessive dreaming, very heavy sleep and excessive sleep requirements
  • Cold or restless feet and legs in bed
  • Fatigue and lethargy, unexplained mood changes
  • Waking up at an odd angle in bed, perhaps on the edge of the bed.
  • Children repeatedly gravitating to a particular part of the bed

  • A feeling that there is something wrong with the home or part of the home that doesn’t feel right
  • Not looking forward to going home or feeling better away from home
  • Experiencing a health issue or illness that doesn’t respond to treatment, or becoming unwell after moving to your new home
  • Little or no motivation to achieve goals
  • Issues with abundance
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The Process

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Subtle energy alchemy is a practice focused on harmonizing energy to bring about balance, wellness and achievement. It encompasses geomancy, energy healing, spirit communication, working with elemental energies and more.

Using a floor plan of the location, I use a combination of dowsing and intuition to work through over fifty aspects of subtle energy influences to determine anything detrimental that is impacting the home.

Healing and harmonization takes place in order to bring balance back to the space.

Clients receive a comprehensive report and zoom debrief.

The process is extremely effective remotely which is how I do most of my work. However,

I also work on location on request.

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Is this right for you?

Here are some examples of who would benefit from the process;

  • Anyone who feels the energy of the home is a little “off”.
  • Unexplained onset of serious and chronic illness..
  • Entrepreneur's who are not achieving the business results they want.
  • Someone experiencing conflict with close relationships.
  • Spa and clinic operators and energy healing practitioners who want to ensure their healing space is harmonized .
  • Anyone purchasing a new home to check the geopathic stress areas that might be present.
  • Money draining out of bank accounts.
  • Neighbour disputes.
  • Architects and home builders who want to make sure they are building on areas with no geopathic stress present.
  • Hospitals and wellness centres; mental health facilities who want the energy of the location to support health.
  • Realtors or anyone with a home that won't sell.
  • Paranormal activity or unexplained occurences.

Consultancy Services

These are the packages that are most commonly asked for - however, a package can be tailored to achieve your desired outcome

Full Healthy Home Assessment and Harmonization

Full diagnosis of Geopathic, Technopathic and Geopsychic Stress, Personal Health and Associated Healing in the location.

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Geopathic Stress Assessment and Harmonization

Assessment focused on the Geopathic and Technopathic Stress zones present in the location and have these harmonized.

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Personal Health Assessment and Healing

This package provides an assessment of your personal wellness. Issues are identified and harmonized should they be detrimental.

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Coaching Mentoring Healing

Individual coaching, mentoring and healing services are also provided

Self-Acceptance Concept, Demonstrated by Spiritual Coach

Spiritual Coaching

Whether you are stuck and not sure how to proceed, desire individual psychic or mediumship development or are exploring your spirituality and would like to have a knowledgeable person to chat with, I can tailor sessions around your wants and goals.

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Psychic and mediumship development, earth based practice or dowsing.

Sessions will include activities and you will be given exercises to work on in between sessions.

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Remote Energy Healing

Reiki, Reiki Drumming, Crystal Therapy, Sound Healing and Emotional Freedom Technique and offer these services or combinations of these to clients wishing to be supported in their wellness journey.

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House Healing Practitioner Training

Workshops and Courses

International College of Energy Healing

The International College of Energy Healing offers workshops and courses designed to support those wanting to provide energy healing services, dowsing and earth based practice.

Courses are offered in person and online, supported by zoom sessions

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Introduction to Dowsing


Introeuction to Earth Energy Dowsing

Working with a Pendulum

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Learning Zone

Click here to view the full playlist

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Client Testimonials

“Dawn, it’s rare to meet a person who embodies their work with such passion and achieves a deep sacred connection with so many around them like you do. Energy re-balancing work is not a task for you, it is your life and driven from your soul. Each person who encounters your deep wisdom and care will be very fortunate clients.”

“Dawn, it’s rare to meet a person who embodies their work with such passion and achieves a deep sacred connection with so many around them like you do. Energy re-balancing work is not a task for you, it is your life and driven from your soul. Each person who encounters your deep wisdom and care will be very fortunate clients.”

"Thank you so very much Dawn I appreciate what you've done for my husband and I. I've been spending more time in the master bedroom in the last week or two it's getting better".

“Dawn was able to identify numerous areas of concern vis a vis geopathic stress and she was successful in mitigating and healing them. Gradually I have been feeling very "at home" in our space versus previously I felt quite uncomfortable. She also found some technopathic stress even though we have no radiation emitting devices, and so, I plan to speak to the neighbours about lowering their wi-if and turning it off at night. Certainly my worries about our space have disappeared and I thank Dawn for actively work at healing our home environment”.

"”I was skeptical of dowsing and the whole house healing thing to be honest but I felt like I had nowhere to turn. I reached out to Dawn and she was professional and reassuring. After a consultation and explanation she got to work identifying the aspects of my home that were not in alignment with my wellness. After Dawn worked on harmonizing the energy in my home - it feels totally different. I at last feel comfortable and peaceful”.

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